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One of the youngest clubs world wide, being founded in 2010. It is a twin club with Skål International Bucharest, and it maintains very friendly relations with those tourism professionals who work on the re-building of Skål International Belgrade. On the international map of tourism, our home countries are not only small, they are likely to be overseen by Skålleagues from countries and continents far away from Eastern Europe. Our aim is to create a regional Skål International Club collaboration. 

Skål International offers international friendship and doing business among friends. With their personal credentials, members of Skål International have access to every club on the planet, and its members.


Through the head office in Torremolinos (Spain), international activities are coordinated and communicated. All local activities are reported and announced through the monthly e-skal-newsletter for plus 17.000 members.

Skål International membership is personal. Tourism-related companies are invited to be sponsors and achieve international visibility among industry professionals. Specialists who are not devoting the majority of their working time to tourism, are nevertheless appreciated affiliates of each local club. 

Young Skål

Why knocking at doors and trying to find your path through administration bottlenecks? The tourism industry needs young people to grow in an international and efficient environment. 

As a member of Young Skål International, students, tourism professionals at the very beginning and orientation of their career, enjoy the “direct decision maker” access. 

With our international club network we are happy to assist when the wish for international experiences comes up. Also, the “greet and meet” assistance when you land in a foreign country for the first time, can be arranged wherever there is a Skål International Club.