Skål in Bulgaria

Skål International Sofia

Skål International Sofia was established in 2010 as the only internationally associated club in Bulgaria, uniting members from all branches of the travel and tourism industry.

Through collaboration with regional clubs, we aim to create awareness and elevate the image of the Southern Europe region to make it stand out on the international map of tourism. Skål International Sofia twinned with Skål International Bucharest in 2014. We felt especially honored by the presence of Nik Raçic, Skål International President 2010, at the twinning ceremony. His attendance reinforced our commitment to seek for strong connections within the SEE region. We maintain friendly relations with tourism professionals in neighboring countries and support those leaders who wish to establish their local clubs.  

One of the youngest clubs world wide, being founded in 2010. It is a twin club with Skål International Bucharest, and it maintains very friendly relations with those tourism professionals who work on the re-building of Skål International Belgrade. On the international map of tourism, our home countries are not only small, they are likely to be overseen by Skålleagues from countries and continents far away from Eastern Europe. Our aim is to create a regional Skål International Club collaboration.