Message from the President

I have been President of Skål International Sofia since 2013, when we revived the activities of or club with many new local and international members due to expatriate rotations like airliners and hoteliers moving to other countries, others coming to Sofia to take the idle positions.

I receive wonderful support from the Executive Committee of Skål International Sofia, even though some travel a lot abroad. Together we maintain fruitful relationships with members of Skål International in many countries. I am proud to say that some of the recent World Presidents of Skål International are former colleagues and friends, which helped our club in Sofia to catch attention.

I want to thank those members who presented our club during the recent world congresses in Monaco and Hyderabad, namely Yanko Krastev of the “Castle in Love with the Wind” as well as our treasurer Stanley Stankov, who traveled quite a few times to actively represent us at events in the country as well as abroad. 

Have a look at the recently produced image spots, which were created for TV 5 Monde by our Torremolinos office! Smart and short.

Looking forward to meeting you.

Henning Krippendorff 
President Skål International Sofia