In line with it’s mission to maximize networking opportunities and support responsible and sustainable tourism growth, Skål International cooperates with a number of international organizations.

Skål International and IIPT, each recognizing that tourism can be a vital force in nurturing a peaceful world, have come together as partners for a series of projects the first and foremost of which is the IIPT/ Skål Peace Cities, Towns and Villages project launched in 2013 with the aim of promoting peace from the village, town and city on up to the nation state.

  • Member of the Board of The Code since 2008. The Code of Conduct for the Protection of Children from Sexual Exploitation in Travel and Tourism is an industry-driven initiative with the mission to provide awareness, tools and support to the tourism industry to prevent the sexual exploitation of children. The MOU between Skål International and The Code was signed on 9 March 2018.
  • Skål International is a supporter of ECPAT International since 2005. ECPAT is a global network dedicated to protecting children.
  • Skål International is a supporter of the International Coalition of Tourism Partners (ICTP) since 2013, a grassroots travel & tourism coalition of destinations and stakeholders.
  • Sustainable Travel International is a charitable non-profit organization dedicated to harnessing the power of travel and tourism as a force for good by building partnerships, sharing knowledge and designing tools that make tourism more beneficial for everyone. The MOU between Skål International and Sustainable Travel International (STI) was signed on 26 March 2015. As part of the MOU Skål International has endorsed 10 MILLION BETTER, a new campaign working on improving 10 million lives over 10 years through travel & tourism.
  • Founded in 1951, PATA is a not-for-profit membership association that acts as a catalyst for the responsible development of travel and tourism to, from and within the Asia Pacific region. The Association provides aligned advocacy, insightful research and innovative events to its member organizations, comprising 98 government, state and city tourism bodies, 19 international airlines and airports, 91 hospitality organizations and 70 educational institutions, as well as over a hundred young tourism professional (YTP) members across the world. The PATA network also embraces the grassroots activism our 36 Chapters and 20 Student Chapters across the world. The MOU between Skål International and PATA was signed on 22 June 2018.