Skål International Europe – Euro Newsletter nº 01

Dear distinguished Skålleagues, Skål International Europe Area Committee is now reality. Our process started in Paris in 2018, continued in Rome last year is now on the right track. Now we are official establish as an important area committee, counting more than 3700 active members. A lot of energy and resources are involved in this [...]

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Partnership with Choice Hotels

Dear Skålleagues, We are pleased to announce the signing of an agreement between Skål International and Choice Hotels, as a great new benefit for all Skålleagues! The deal, which has just been approved by the Skål International Executive Committee, was recently signed and it is as follows: Choice Hotels will offer up to 25% off the [...]

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Dear Skålleague, It is with great pleasure that we announce that the Skål International Europe Area Committee has been formed as an official structure of the organisation as of 14 July 2020. All Skål International countries and Affiliated Skål International Clubs within Europe were invited to join the Skål International Europe Area Committee and the following is the [...]

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Webinar UNWTO Covid-19 Response

Dear Skål Sofia members, Skål International is launching its Webinar program with the participation of experts and senior leaders from the Travel and Tourism industry. The first event is scheduled for Tuesday 12 May, welcoming Mr. Manuel Butler Halter, Executive Director of the United Nations World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO), as the first guest speaker with [...]

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Skal Apero at Hotel Budapest on Tuesday 29. October 6.30h pm.

Dear Skalleagues, Although a very small turn out, we had great discussions at this months meeting. -Skalleague Andrey Lilov was presented by his colleague Inna Petrova, Business Development of the Urbo App. -Intensive "digital discussion" with Elly Stoilova, who is very busy and successful with her Chatbot which already has proven better guest services and [...]

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Introducing our Newest Member

We are proud to introduce our new member Elitza Stoilova Elitza Stoilova is the Founder and CEO of creative chatbot agency, automating the communication of the business with customers and other tasks in Facebook Messenger and on the business web site using chatbot technology. Umni assists customers from various industries – tourism, healthcare, public [...]

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Skål Magazine

We would like to bring your attention to the latest Skål Magazine please go to page 12-15, you will see an article from Skål Sofia. Congratulations to all who participated.

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13th July Season Opening at the Castle. Introduction of the Coastal Section of Skal International Sofia.

Our Skalleague and Vice President of SI Sofia, Yanko Krastev, began attracting tourism and hospitality professionals from the coastal destinations to join a table at the castle, where an office infrastructure is available. Since it takes time to achieve at least 20 active memberships and receiving approval from the international executive committee, this group of [...]

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Trip to Sunny Beach

The Ministry of Tourism of the Republic of Bulgaria, in cooperation with London based ITIC , gathered international tourism professionals and Ministers of Tourism, amongst them Ministers from Egypt, Algeria, Bosnia & Herzegovina, and Albania, for the “Investing in Tourism Sustainability” conference in Sunny Beach on May 30-31. Participants were hosted at the Helena Resort and the [...]

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