Dear Skålleagues,
We are pleased to announce the signing of an agreement between Skål International and Choice Hotels, as a great new benefit for all Skålleagues!
The deal, which has just been approved by the Skål International Executive Committee, was recently signed and it is as follows:
Choice Hotels will offer up to 25% off the lowest published rate.
No limits on number of nights. Actually the more nights we supply the better the discount!
Valid for over 7000 hotels worldwide.
Skål International will be provided with a unique client ID.
The members will have the option to book through:
  • The 800 assigned reservation number or
  • Via Choice Hotels App or
  • Via this dedicated booking URL taking the members right to the discount page with no client ID required.
More information and details, here:
Our appreciation to Jean-François Côté, International Skål Councillor for Canada for this opportunity to partner with Choice Hotels.
It is possible to promote
your companies and at the same time offer benefits to your partners.
Here is a great example
of win-win!
Remember you can find this and other discounts on our platform in the Membership Benefits area. Enjoy them as a partner and don’t forget that you can also include the promotion of your company.
Best Regards,
Daniela Otero
CEO Skål International