Skal Bulgaria | Young Skål Symposium, April 24-27 2014
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Young Skål Symposium, April 24-27 2014


24 Apr Young Skål Symposium, April 24-27 2014

Skål International Romania (SIR) is proudly announcing the Symposium organized by its younger division, Young Skål Romania during the period April 24-27, 2014 in Bucharest.

The Symposium is bringing together international Young Skål representatives from Spain, Finland, Germany, Turkey, Sweeden, Denmark, Bulgaria, Great Britain, Italy, Norway and officials of Skal International: Mrs. Marianne Krohn/Vice President Skål International, Mr. Nik Racik/Past President Skål International (2009-2010), Mrs. Ann Lootens/Director Young Skål, Antonio Garcia del Valle/Honorary President Skål International.

Young Skål Symposium is organized under the patronage of Romanian National Tourist Authority and Skal International Romania, with the participation of the following officials: Mr. Razvan Filipescu/President ANT, Mr. Razvan Pirjol/President SIR, Mr. Calin Ile/General Secretary SIR, Mr. Antoni Kuhnen/Honorary Past President SIR.

Among the topics to be discussed: (1) Young Skal in 2020; (2) Young Skål connected wordwide; (3)Young Skål & Sustainability; (4)Young Skål one international project; (5) Young Skål, a voice in Tourism.

On April 25, will be held a ceremony to grant the the title of „City of Peace” Bucharest. During the ceremony, members of Skål International Romania and Young Skål Bucharest, together with representatives of the local public authorities, will unveil a commemorative plaque dedicated to promoting and supporting the values of Skål International organisations: Friendship, Pace and Solidarity. Following the ceremony, the capital of Romania will become the first city in the world to receive the distinction “City of Peace”, awarded by the International Institute of Peace through Tourism (IIPT) and Skål International. In addition to the members of the Young Skål Bucharest, Skål International Romania and Executive Committee of Skål International, will attend the ceremony representatives of the Bucharest City Hall.

After 2 days of workshops in Bucharest, the participants will go to a sightseeing to Bran, having the opportunity to visit Bran Castle, but also to assist to a presentation on Romanian Traditions, with the support of Mrs. Maria Stoian, Founding President ANTREC.

Young Skål is a division of the Skål International organization, specially created for students and young professionals in the field of tourism. The mission of Young Skål is to recruit to the Skål project all those who work in the area of selling and promoting touristic services. The main objective is to integrate and familiarize these people with the core values of the Skål International organization: Friendship, Peace, Unity and Promotion of the common interests in the field of tourism, both locally and internationally. When a Young Skål member gets to a management position in the touristic industry, he/she will continue to support and encourage the Skål project, thus becoming a leader who can proactively change his/her working environment.

Young Skål is destined to all young professionals aged between 20 and 29, who study or work in tourism for at least two years. The main idea constituting Young Skal is to attract young professionals to the organization and to turn them into active Skal members, once they reach the necessary qualification. The continuity of the movement can be secured by constantly recruiting new members. The members of Young Skål have the opportunity to participate in numerous activities, both in the hospitality industry and in related fields, such as culture, sports or PR. They will therefore have the possibility of meeting Skål members and interact with them, voluntarily contributing to the general success of the organization. The young participants enjoy the support of the local Skal Club for social activities and for increasing professional experience, having at the same time the opportunity of connecting to an international network of professionals in the field.
Young Skål Bucharest was born in December 2012, with the help and involvement of Mr. Antoni Kuhnen – Young Skal Bucharest Mentor, having the full support of Mr. Razvan Pirjol – President Skål International Romania. Important contributions were brought by Mr. Calin Ile/General Manager Ibis Hotel, Bucharest, Mrs. Gabriela Tigu/Pro-Rector & Doctor Professor at the Faculty of Commerce, Tourism & Geography Section, Mrs. Felicia Stancioiu/Doctor Professor at the Faculty of Marketing and all other International Skål Romania members, who made it possible, through sheer ambition and dedication, to accomplish this project. Young Skål Bucharest is directed through the leading council which is composed of the following members: Andrei Mihailescu – President; Lavinia Cristescu – Vice-president; Madalina Nicolescu – PR, Events & Communication; Iulia Comanescu – Secretary; Florentina Nita –Special Mission.

Skål International Romania is an organisation that brings together all sectors of the tourism industry: hotels, tour operators, airlines, event organisers and related services in the field of hospitality. Skål International Romania currently counts 70 members (14 persons being founding members), who meet 11 times a year, on the second Thursday of each month, except August.

The Executive Board of Skål International Romania is changed once at every 2 years through free elections.

The spirit of Skål International Romania encourages the development of personal and interpersonal relationships between Skål members in Romania and SKÅL International members.

Club members – top executives and presidents of companies from tourism field – meet together in order to discuss and put up matters of mutual interest. Here, in a friendly atmosphere, based on legacy of “Father SKÅL” – Florimond VOLCKAERT, the ideas, opportunities and challenges of the industry, are discussed in both professional and business terms.

Starting from the Skål slogan “Doing business among friends”, in order to be considered, the relations of friendship have to be putted into practice.

Thus, Skål International Romania understand to respect and apply the principles underlying the organisation since its foundation, combining professional actions with the direct involvement of its members where the community need more help.


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