Skal Bulgaria | Sharing Business, Knowledge and Dreams at ITB BERLIN March 2015
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Sharing Business, Knowledge and Dreams at ITB BERLIN March 2015


24 Apr Sharing Business, Knowledge and Dreams at ITB BERLIN March 2015

Skål International has been attending for years ITB Berlin – The world’s leading travel trade show. This year, the Skål International Executive Committee decided that a Young Skål member should also be there to help out. Therefore, Susanna Saari – Director & Membership Development and Young Skål, requested a member from Young Skål Bucharest to join the Skål team at ITB Berlin.


This was a very good opportunity for Young Skål Bucharest to get to work on an international trade fair and to promote Skål and Young Skål globally. We presented Susanna’s proposal to our members, I applied for this position along with other three members, and in the end, I was chosen to go to ITB Berlin and represent Young Skål Bucharest.

Tourism is my passion and also my profession. I have been working in tourism for 8 years and I’ve been a Managing Partner at a family-run travel agency for 5 years. In 2010, I developed a project called “A New Perspective – Romania”. I promoted interesting and less known Romanian destinations through cultural itinerary packages. I inspired people to travel throughout Romania, to interact with local people, traditions, cultures, and this added value to their lives.

We also have the support of Skål International Romania, through its President, Razvan E. Pirjol and our mentor, Calin Ile. We had the chance to be involved in a major event for the club: Young Skål International Symposium – 2nd edition, from 24 to 27 April 2014 in Bucharest which gathered over 50 professionals in the field of tourism – Skål and Young Skål members- from over 10 countries. During this event, Bucharest became the first city in the world to receive the distinction “City of Peace”, awarded by the International Institute of Peace through Tourism (IIPT) and Skål International.

At ITB Berlin, I had the chance to meet Brian Donnelly at the booth of Skål, a Skål member from London. He confessed to me that, he is a very active promoter of Young Skål and he follows closely our club’s activity on Facebook. He wanted to know more about “the secret ingredient” behind the success of Young Skål Bucharest.

In this regard, I will make a brief presentation of Young Skål’s goals. Our vision is to become the voice of young tourism professionals in Romania.


The Young Skål Bucharest board members have some specific initiatives and activities for 2015, as they follow:

  • we release a newsletter in English regarding the most important news in the Romanian and international tourism market;
  • we are working on a project called “The Entrepreneur’s Guide in Tourism” and we are inviting young managers from the Romanian tourism market to share their vision and also the challenges they had to overcome, in order to keep their business running;
  • we want to affliliate with other entities for a better visibility of the club; we visit each month one of the most important hotels in Bucharest and then promote them on our Facebook page;
  • we have created an internal regulation policy that covers specific rules and benefits of the members and board members;
  • we want to involve Skål International Romania more in our projects.

Attending a major event for tourism professionals such as ITB Berlin, was a great opportunity for me to discuss the best practices in tourism and the future of this industry with Skålleagues from all around the world. David Fisher, the Junior Vice President of Skål International and I, were the hosts of the Skål booth at ITB Berlin, for 3 days from 4 to 6 March 2015. Our goal was to promote the organisation among the potential prospects, in order to recruit new Skål members. Moreover, every day we had a Happy Hour at our stand between 5 and 6 PM, where any Skalleague present at the fair could join and share a glass of wine or champagne with us. Susanna Saari, the Director of Skål International joined the team of Skalleagues on March, 6 and she represented Skål stand until March, 8. Also, Skalleagues from Skål International Berlin gave us all their support during the fair.

11025984_941365599248853_159993175658619585_oThis year, ITB Berlin cemented its position as the world’s leading travel trade show. From 4 to 8 March 2015, 10,096 exhibitors from 186 countries, out of which two thirds were from abroad, were represented in 26 display halls. Overall, some 115,000 trade visitors (2014: 114,000) travelled to Berlin. According to estimates by Messe Berlin the volume of sales at the world’s leading travel trade show increased from around 6.5 billion euros in 2014 to 6.7 billion euros. ’’ITB Berlin has provided further evidence of how important personal exchanges and meetings between people are for an industry that is increasingly dominated by the digital transition.“ stated Dr. Christian Göke, CEO of Messe Berlin. Skålleagues from all over the world had the chance to meet on March, 6 2015 almost 40 fellow members at the annual Skål ITB Get-Together. I believe, more Young Skålleagues should be encouraged to attend this events.

I want to give special thanks to Salih Cene – President Skål International (Turkey), Nigel Pilkington – Senior Vice President Skål International (New Zeeland),  David Fisher – Junior Vice President Skål International (Kenya) and Susanna Saari – Director Skål International (Finland) who offered me and Young Skål Bucharest this opportunity.  Moreover, we had a great team from Skål International Berlin who supported us with the logistics, and also with the knowhow at the booth of Skål International:  Christian Wiesenhütter – President of Skål International Berlin, Roswitha Adlung, Volker Hasse, Wolfgang Heinrich, Therese Christierson, Sigrid Pokorny-Peters, Bernhard Lay (SI Köln), Ulrich Böttcher (SI Düsseldorf), Wolfgang Hoffmann (SI Düsseldorf) and also Jason Samuel – International Councillor – Skål International India.

I hope to see you all soon!

Skål !

 249952_192189110833176_7757108_n Irina-Gabriela BESCIUBoard Member – Vice President Meetings & Entertainment

Young Skål Romania 


Facebook: Young Skål Bucharest


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