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About SKAL Bulgaria


Skål International Sofia is a young club, not only by average age of the members. It has been founded by John Hazlewood in 2010 when he operated his companies in Bulgaria. Membership building went quite rapidly. Hotel General Managers, DMC’s, Airline Representatives, Travel Network Provider representatives, and many more brought a colorful group of people to the monthly meetings. Already in 2012, most members migrated to new positions abroad so that only a very small crew kept the name up, without doing significant activities due to business and family engagements. At the end of 2012 we have been able to attract a few more members who entered the club during 2013 and, since then, maintain a typically slow pace of membership development, since there are clear criteria to become a member of Skål.


A very joyful part of our club work is the attracting of Young Skål members. This initiative was taken over from previous international executive committees and it helps professionals, who are at the very beginning of their careers, to be guided by us, to be networked internationally and to meet and speak to decision makers on the same eye height level.


We have written on our flags that we want to use our international and domestic backgrounds to help the industry, especially in regards to the potential international networking of Skål International. Also, we understand that Bulgaria’s travel, tourism and hospitality industry is split into a huge variety of sometimes even competing associations. We see ourselves rather like an anchor in this situation and contribute experience and knowledge to those who want to understand how it really works, especially abroad.


Skål International Sofia has already created great friendships. It is a so-called twin club with Skål International Bucharest, which means that we maintain business exchange and friendship like being one club together.


We meet every last Wednesday of the month in Restaurant Talents, Petar Beron Street No. 9, at 7 pm. Every professional of the industry is invited to get to know us better by joining such meeting.


A newsletter is distributed to a relatively wide audience of decision makers monthly.